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Alexandra Augustin is a makeup artist and hairstylist based in Zurich.

Since her early childhood she has been known for her artistic talent. This was already evident in art classes, where she was the best, but also in her free time, most of which she spent with drawing and artistic design.

As a teenager she moved from Munich to Switzerland, where she completed her studies in IT. She soon realized that this profession did not her capabilities and ambitions. She therefore decided to become a makeup artist and discovered her vocation in it.


After graduating from KETS Academy in Zurich, she participated in various photo shoots and events and perfected her skills in a master class with Eny Whitehead. A short time later she started further training in fashion makeup and another in hairstyling.

During an earlier internship, she also learned various nail art techniques in a nail studio and can therefore also apply her skills in this area.


Alexandra Augustin has gained numerous experiences in different productions and is now specialized in the beauty and fashion industry, using her expertise in editorials and advertising campaigns, such as for Fanta and Calida.


Today Alexandra Augustin is working on an independent basis in Switzerland, mainly in the Zurich area and has discovered her passion in makeup and hairstyling. A profession that not only requires a lot of attention, accuracy, perseverance and manual skills, but also requires social and empathetic skills. In business, she attaches great importance to good communication and reliability.

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